Top Five Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Getting branding wrong can be a death sentence. Here are some mistakes to avoid, and how branding agencies in Atlanta can help your business stand out.

Branding is the language of your company, the way customers and clients can understand what sets you apart. It can be the key to a business’s success, or it can lead to its downfall. If you need some branding, here are five mistakes that you can avoid along with a tip on why contacting branding agencies in Atlanta can help you put your best foot forward.

1. Not Getting the Logo Right

Your logo is how you say hello. It’s what separates you from everyone else. A logo that doesn’t greet people, that doesn’t make an immediate impact, will hurt all of your branding. That is why most companies turn to local branding agencies for their logo design. With an eye to local and global branding, Icoazt can help you create a logo that says “hello” in a way that’s personal and impactful.

2. Trends for the Sake of Trends

We all want viral content, and hopping onto trends can be a way to piggy back to higher engagement. But focusing just on following trends rather than leading them can end up fracturing your messaging, causing customers to abandon you for something else. When you work with branding agencies, you can get access to data about trends that helps you strategically use what’s happening online to your advantage.

3. Ignoring Brand Guidelines

Branding documents are a powerful tool. They help give your company a distinct look that people will learn to identify as yours. They are the reason why a certain shade of blue makes you think of Wal-Mart, or why just five notes can make you think of McDonald’s. But brand guidelines are only powerful if they are used consistently. When you work with branding agencies in Atlanta, you can get branding guidelines that will redefine your business. But you have to use them to get their full effect.

4. Going it Alone

Many businesses think an in-house team can do all of their branding. After all, who better to define a company’s look and feel than the people working for that company every day? The truth is, however, that companies can run into many problems when everything is done in-house. When you work with branding agencies, you get that valuable outside perspective that can make your branding even more powerful. The process is collaborative, too, allowing your identity to shine through everything.

5. Thinking Global and Local are Mutually Exclusive

Brands today need an eye to the world stage more than ever before. At the same time, they need to understand local markets to make an impact. One of the reasons Atlanta-based companies choose branding agencies in Atlanta is because they want both, and they should. Only with professional branding services can you connect locally on a large scale so that your business can feel more connected while reaching further.

Branding Agencies in Atlanta Can Help

Icoazt is dedicated to doing branding differently. Our team of designers. If you are looking for branding agencies in Atlanta, then contact us today. We can start talking about your branding needs and how we can help you make a big splash with your brandin

How Custom Web Design Improves Your Business?

How Custom Web Design Improves Your Business?

Any business, new or old, needs to understand that a digital front for their company can greatly improve their chances of getting noticed in the digital age, while you can also improve your financial status using trade fx at for this purpose. While websites have been around for decades now, designs have changed over time, and updating your company’s website can give you the branding boost you need to continue to expand and boost your customer base. Not only that, but also using one of the many web design companies in Atlanta will give you the platform you need to get the word out about your services and products, and to provide content that is interesting to potential and returning customers. How exactly can custom web design improve your business overall?

Designed with SEO in Mind

Older websites often have an issue with search engine optimization: loading slowly, not being laid out well, missing keywords and key phrases, and lacking sufficient content will cause them to rank lower on search engines. SEO requirements are constantly changing, so if you have an old website or are a new company looking to make an impression while also getting good ranks on search engines, you will need the expert help from web design companies in Atlanta to make sure your website is built from the ground up with SEO in mind. A majority of the visitors to your company website are likely to come from search engines (with the rest coming from advertising or social media feeds), so SEO cannot be something that is taken lightly; it must be a core function of your company website.

Cost and Time Savings

Designing your own website from within your company is going to take expertise, and barring that, a lot of time to learn what you are doing, especially if you want to be SEO optimized. By working with web design companies in Atlanta, you can help improve your business by spending wisely and working with experts that can create a visually stunning and content heavy website that has a great return on investment for your company.

Gain that Professional Look

Nothing screams professional more than having an expertly crafted, creative, and visually stunning website, crafted by web design companies in Atlanta, that gets information about your brand, products, and services out to consumers in an interesting and engaging way. Relying on only social media or other avenues to show off your company is never going to be as good professionally as having your own domain and website all your own to show off your company’s personality, style, and atmosphere to all those interested in what you have to offer.

Provide Content That Intrigues

When it comes to web design companies in Atlanta, they not only help provide you with a visually stunning website, but they also can get the ball rolling by giving you the means to provide content that is interesting to consumers, either through several landing pages for your company’s products and services, or through a content management system for posting blogs regularly—a great asset for SEO.

Engage with Your Consumers

Finally, having a professionally done, custom website, made by web design companies in Atlanta, gives you a platform to better engage with your consumers. Using your own website, you can provide ways for consumers and returning customers to joining mailing lists, or to provide reviews for your products and services. As well, through blogs or other content, you can open dialogues with your customers and learn what they are looking for in your products in the future, or you can give them interesting information about how they can better use your products and services in their own lives.

If you are in the market for a custom web design for your business, whether you are starting new or looking to refresh your old website, then contact ICOAZT today and let us know what’s on your mind.

Six Questions to Ask Your Website Designer Before You Hire Them

Six Questions to Ask Your Website Designer Before You Hire Them

Online presence is essential to any business. One of the first things that any potential customer does after hearing about your product or company is to try to look you up online, and that might be your best chance at a great first impression. With this in mind, it’s definitely worth taking the time to ask questions and be sure that you know what you’re getting when you sign that contract. When you go searching for a website designer near me, there are some points that definitely need clarifying before work begins.

Scope of Your Site

How many pages are included in your service package? Are there a certain number of accessible pages created under your contract package? Are you the right website designer near me? Be sure to clarify how you and your customers can navigate the website as well. Discuss the options between drop-down menus or more static toolbars or other hyperlinks. Also talk to your designer about the possibility of adding additional pages or links mid-project and any extra costs associated with a change.

Development Timeline

The internet is supposed to be fast and convenient, and you need your site to get up and functional online as soon as possible, so it’s important to ask what the timeline is from your searching for that website designer near me that you can meet with to becoming fully online and ready to do business. Often, this timeline is going to depend on the scope that you’ve asked for. What happens to that schedule if you decide to make a change mid-project?

Revisions and Feedback

What happens if you aren’t fully satisfied with the result at the end of the project, when your site is presented to you? Hopefully, the website designer near me will have a revision policy in place where you can make changes under the contract without incurring new extra costs.

Responsive Design & Mobile Compatibility

Thin mobile first!

A huge percentage of web traffic in today’s business market is conducted through mobile devices, like phones and tablets which is why many now rely on telecommunication services like these phone plan deals in Australia. Does your website scale well or adapt appropriately between traditional desktop browsers and mobile browsers? This is critical to ask of your website designer near me.

Advertising and Online Store Options

Your website designer near me should have options for you in your website package. Is your site compatible with Search Engine Optimization software so that you can be sure your site is reaching the right audiences? Online stores are generally more difficult to program and create than a series of basic information pages and banners. How can you incorporate a possible extra, such as a secure and functional online store, into your website’s contract agreement?

Technical Support and Customer Service

Lastly, while you are hiring the website designer near me, to help you reach your customers, you are their customer. Do they stand by their work and can they help you maintain or repair your website if any code breaks down the road? How long do they guarantee their work for? Can you contact your designer in an emergency? When you hire someone to create your website, your goal is obviously to walk away with a functioning website that can effectively communicate with your customers. When you are choosing a designer for a functional website, you want a designer who is going to help you make sure it stays functional. Visit our website for more information.