Top Five Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Getting branding wrong can be a death sentence. Here are some mistakes to avoid, and how branding agencies in Atlanta can help your business stand out.

Branding is the language of your company, the way customers and clients can understand what sets you apart. It can be the key to a business’s success, or it can lead to its downfall. If you need some branding, here are five mistakes that you can avoid along with a tip on why contacting branding agencies in Atlanta can help you put your best foot forward.

1. Not Getting the Logo Right

Your logo is how you say hello. It’s what separates you from everyone else. A logo that doesn’t greet people, that doesn’t make an immediate impact, will hurt all of your branding. That is why most companies turn to local branding agencies for their logo design. With an eye to local and global branding, Icoazt can help you create a logo that says “hello” in a way that’s personal and impactful.

2. Trends for the Sake of Trends

We all want viral content, and hopping onto trends can be a way to piggy back to higher engagement. But focusing just on following trends rather than leading them can end up fracturing your messaging, causing customers to abandon you for something else. When you work with branding agencies, you can get access to data about trends that helps you strategically use what’s happening online to your advantage.

3. Ignoring Brand Guidelines

Branding documents are a powerful tool. They help give your company a distinct look that people will learn to identify as yours. They are the reason why a certain shade of blue makes you think of Wal-Mart, or why just five notes can make you think of McDonald’s. But brand guidelines are only powerful if they are used consistently. When you work with branding agencies in Atlanta, you can get branding guidelines that will redefine your business. But you have to use them to get their full effect.

4. Going it Alone

Many businesses think an in-house team can do all of their branding. After all, who better to define a company’s look and feel than the people working for that company every day? The truth is, however, that companies can run into many problems when everything is done in-house. When you work with branding agencies, you get that valuable outside perspective that can make your branding even more powerful. The process is collaborative, too, allowing your identity to shine through everything.

5. Thinking Global and Local are Mutually Exclusive

Brands today need an eye to the world stage more than ever before. At the same time, they need to understand local markets to make an impact. One of the reasons Atlanta-based companies choose branding agencies in Atlanta is because they want both, and they should. Only with professional branding services can you connect locally on a large scale so that your business can feel more connected while reaching further.

Branding Agencies in Atlanta Can Help

Icoazt is dedicated to doing branding differently. Our team of designers. If you are looking for branding agencies in Atlanta, then contact us today. We can start talking about your branding needs and how we can help you make a big splash with your brandin

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