Six Questions to Ask Your Website Designer Before You Hire Them

Six Questions to Ask Your Website Designer Before You Hire Them

Online presence is essential to any business. One of the first things that any potential customer does after hearing about your product or company is to try to look you up online, and that might be your best chance at a great first impression. With this in mind, it’s definitely worth taking the time to ask questions and be sure that you know what you’re getting when you sign that contract. When you go searching for a website designer near me, there are some points that definitely need clarifying before work begins.

Scope of Your Site

How many pages are included in your service package? Are there a certain number of accessible pages created under your contract package? Are you the right website designer near me? Be sure to clarify how you and your customers can navigate the website as well. Discuss the options between drop-down menus or more static toolbars or other hyperlinks. Also talk to your designer about the possibility of adding additional pages or links mid-project and any extra costs associated with a change.

Development Timeline

The internet is supposed to be fast and convenient, and you need your site to get up and functional online as soon as possible, so it’s important to ask what the timeline is from your searching for that website designer near me that you can meet with to becoming fully online and ready to do business. Often, this timeline is going to depend on the scope that you’ve asked for. What happens to that schedule if you decide to make a change mid-project?

Revisions and Feedback

What happens if you aren’t fully satisfied with the result at the end of the project, when your site is presented to you? Hopefully, the website designer near me will have a revision policy in place where you can make changes under the contract without incurring new extra costs.

Responsive Design & Mobile Compatibility

Thin mobile first!

A huge percentage of web traffic in today’s business market is conducted through mobile devices, like phones and tablets which is why many now rely on telecommunication services like these phone plan deals in Australia. Does your website scale well or adapt appropriately between traditional desktop browsers and mobile browsers? This is critical to ask of your website designer near me.

Advertising and Online Store Options

Your website designer near me should have options for you in your website package. Is your site compatible with Search Engine Optimization software so that you can be sure your site is reaching the right audiences? Online stores are generally more difficult to program and create than a series of basic information pages and banners. How can you incorporate a possible extra, such as a secure and functional online store, into your website’s contract agreement?

Technical Support and Customer Service

Lastly, while you are hiring the website designer near me, to help you reach your customers, you are their customer. Do they stand by their work and can they help you maintain or repair your website if any code breaks down the road? How long do they guarantee their work for? Can you contact your designer in an emergency? When you hire someone to create your website, your goal is obviously to walk away with a functioning website that can effectively communicate with your customers, and having employees is useful for this and using pay stub examples help with management and more . When you are choosing a designer for a functional website, you want a designer who is going to help you make sure it stays functional. Visit our website for more information.

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